Night blooming tropical waterlilies

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Pink Night blooming tropical waterlilies produce magnificent 6″ to 8″ flowers.
BIG PINK NIGHT known as English Pink Waterlily is an incredible night blooming specimen! Flowers open until 11am on most days!

Brilliant, rosy-red blooms open at dusk, blooms stand 4 – 6 inches above the surface of the water, and above the handsome pinkish-bronze pads.

Big Pink Waterlily is a prolific bloomer and is stunning, especially if your pond is lit at night!
The reddish-bronze pads are beautiful in the daytime as well. The reddish-bronze foliage makes a nice contrast to green plants in the pond. The spread on the Big Red Tropical, Night Blooming Waterlily is 4 – 6 feet and is quite stunning in medium to large ponds. HEAVY BLOOMER!

The large bronze or reddish bronze leaves add to the beauty of tropical night bloomers.

Fragrant and very free flowering. A beautiful addition to your water garden.

Flowers open at dusk and remain open until early morning. On cloudy days they can stay open into the early afternoon.

CHARACTERISTICS: Non-Viviparous – Very Free Flowering, Fragrant, Pinkish

SIZE: MEDIUM (5-6′ Spread)


WATER DEPTH: 12″ TO 30″ (Maximum water depth is for mature water lilies)


1 review for Night blooming tropical waterlilies

  1. Shaheena

    This night bloomer is so beautiful 😍 🤩 👌
    Thanks Vyas and Team for your quick response and delivery 👍

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