French Lavender

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French Lavender is known for its silvery foliage. The French lavenders are pretty compact, so they’re brilliant in pots and will suit those who have smaller gardens and don’t have room for a large, sprawling shrub.
The plant is also strongly scented with a powerfully sweet fragrance; great for sachets. The intensely silver foliage helps the plant to be tolerant of dry heat. It can get big too; a truly unique Lavender.
The benefits of lavender extend beyond just the garden. Besides being a beautiful, easy-to-grow plant loved by pollinators, lavender also has many uses inside your home. It’s often been said that lavender’s scent promotes relaxation and helps relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.
Give them full sun and well-drained soil, and you’ve got a winner!

1 review for French Lavender

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