Water SnowFlake

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Nymphoides indica is a flowering perennial herb that is commonly known as water snowflake, floating heart, or robust marshwort.
It is one of 70 species under the Menyanthaceae family, which includes an assortment of wetland plants that spread via creeping rhizomes.
Those that are classified under the genus Nymphoides maintain a fully submersed aquatic habit and are popularly known for their resemblance to water lilies (Nymphaea).
Due to their attractive features, they are often used as ornamental pond and aquarium plants.
Like many of its cousins, N. indica has a pantropical range that spans most of the equator.
The simple heart-shaped leaves of this species grace the surface of many freshwater habitats. These expand to up to 8 inches (20 cm) across and are a lovely emerald green color under full sun.

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  1. Sriya

    Woooowwww… the Snowflakes flowers are awesommmmeee… thanks Vyas 😁

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