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Have you been feeling “off” recently?
Are you making senseless mistakes at work?
Are you wiped out for the second week in a push?
In spite of the fact that any number of things may well be; the clarification for these troubling circumstances might be a result from an awkwardness in your chakra framework.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means a wheel. Chakras are vitality centers all through the body. These wheels of brilliant vitality line up along the central channel of the body, the shushumna nadi. The chakras along the shushumna nadi are the control centers where the cleared out channel (ida nadi) and the proper channel (pingala nadi) cross.

These vitality channels and psycho-power centers make up what is known as “the unpretentious body.” The inconspicuous body is in a diverse domain than the physical body and the intellect, but incorporates a capable effect on the body, intellect, and whole system.
The human body framework flourishes when the chakras and the nadis are open and prana, or life drive, is permitted to move all through the framework with ease. Any kind of unsettling influence or malady within the body, intellect, or soul can cause blockage and awkwardness. The objective is agreement. So, on the off chance that you’ve been feeling out of sorts, take a closer look at your chakras to examine what’s going on and start to discover a balance. There are five caution signs that your chakras may be out of balance.

The common caution signs are:
Something feels “off.”
You get sick often.
You get wiped out.
You begin making senseless mistakes.
Everything appears to be falling apart.

Each of these common awkward sign shows a particular physical, mental, passionate and otherworldly awkward nature in each chakra. It is highly recommended to have a chakra diagnosis to have a closer analysis at how awkward nature in each chakra can impact a sense of disharmony within the body framework as an entirety.

PS: A Chakra Diagnosis Report in pdf/jpeg format will be sent to you by email/whatsapp.

The chakra framework is one way to analyse the human body. Indeed minor unsettling influences within the “subtle body” can lead to illness, inconvenience or common disharmony in your body, intellect, heart, and mind. As you make your way on your travel toward delight, and happiness, consider checking in together with your chakras regularly. Analysing the chakras can be a great indication for the whole framework.

3 reviews for Chakra Diagnosis

  1. A.Bochonaiko

    Very good and accurate chakra diagnosis. Thank you Vana Natural Healers

  2. Bernard

    Amazing analysis with full details of my health status. Highly appreciated

  3. Harshinee

    I tried the online chakra diagnosis and I must say that it really does a good analysis of what I’m currently facing and hence now I am very eager to have my healing session with Vana Natural Healers.

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